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Consider me your Friend, Guide, and Therapist on this Home Buying Journey

When you work with our team from consultation to closing, you will know exactly what steps to take and feel enabled to take them.


My passion is to change generations to come through the wealth of home ownership.

Really we do this because we want to see every single family living in the home they deserve. When we first started helping people hunt for homes, we all loved going into the pretty houses and learning about the different areas of St. Louis. Now our team realizes that our passion aligns deeply with your goals - we want you to achieve your goal of selling the house you have now (or breaking up with your lease) and see you buy the home that you deserve. 

Sound Familiar.....

Anxiety over multiple offers and paying over asking?

I'm here to make sure you are making educated offers so that you do NOT overpay on a home. I will guide you from the hunt, to under contract, to closing, and beyond with as little stress as possible!

I need to sell, but where would I go?

There are actually several answers to this question. I craft my answer to your unique situation because no two families are alike! Let's chat so I can make sure you are educated, empowered, and enabled to make confident decisions and take on this market.

If You're Overwhelmed and Frustrated with the Housing Market,                            

                You're Not Alone

If You're Overwhelmed and Frustrated with the Housing Market, You're Not Alone.


You don’t have to sell your home, move in with family, search for 10 months for a home, write 27 offers, to then win a house, way too far above asking, and move in a year later. Imagine if instead you could sell your home, close on your home, lease it back for a month or two while you find your next house, close on your home virtually stress free, and only move once. This is possible! There are so many things that we can plan specifically for your needs.

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My job is to help you achieve your goals with

My job is to help you achieve your goals with as little headache and stress as possible. 

                              as little headache and stress as possible.

Having a trusted expert's guidance throughout the process is instrumental in navigating all the moving parts when going from one home to the next.